The advisory board of the Hope Project, consists of Indian professionals working in the fields of medicine, education and social work. It is complemented by two international consultants.

The following are the members of our advisory board:

  • Mr Richard Cuadra- Advisor and member of Hazrat Inayat Khan Foundation
  • Heiko Schrader- Advisor and member of Hazrat Inayat Khan Foundation
  • Sumeet Gugnani
  • Samiur Rahman-Executive Director

The foundation is subject to Indian tax law, is recognized as a non-profit organization according to it and is controlled by the Indian tax authorities.

The tasks of the Foundation are carried out by the director of the project, Mr. Samiur Rahman, and the management team and include:

  • The creation of framework plans based on the objectives of The Hope Project, the reports from the project and the needs of the target group
  • The determination of the annual budget
  • The audit of the annual balance sheet
  • The selection of the program managers and the overall management
  • The development of new sub-programmes

The annual reports of the Hope Project provide information about functioning and accomplishments of the project as well as the balance sheet. They can be viewed on the Indian or German homepage of our website and also provide information about the transfer of donations from abroad.

The Hope Project is supported by non-profit associations in Europe and the USA. They inform and generate private and institutional donations. The budget is currently approximately $400,000 (approximately INR 3.2 Crores). Institutional support is provided by various embassies in the form of donations by foundations and some companies. The project receives regular visits of guests from abroad who are briefed about our work.

From the German side, the association „Lebenshilfe für needy Menschen in Indien (Basti-Programm) e.V.“ supports the project. The association is recognized by the District Court of Bielefeld as a non-profit association. The primary task of the association is to generate financial resources for the Hope Project. In addition, donors and interested parties are briefed regularly about the programs’ accomplishments by newsletters which help prepare tax certificates.

The chairman of the association since 1986 is Prof. Dr. Heiko Schrader. Together with the second chairperson, Carmen Hussain, he is involved in project management.


Heiko Schrader is a sociologist and his research focuses intensively on Indian society and the topic of development. He taught at the University of Mumbai and conducted several researches in India. His interest in Asian religions and the social development of India brought him into contact with the Hope Project for the first time in 1985. At that time, the project was operating a small non-formal school, maintained two doctors and provided malnourished children with the „milk program“. Heiko decided to contribute his professional know-how to the work of the project. In 2000, he took over the function of consultant on the advisory board of the Hazrat Inayat Khan Foundation. At the same time, he became a member of the corresponding associations in the USA and Switzerland.

Carmen Hussain volunteered in the Hope Project for 1/2 year in 1985. For personal reasons, she decided in 1986 to move to Delhi and initially took over the management of the construction of the school centre and from 1989 overall project management until 2001. From 1991 she also took over the management of the kindergarten at the German Embassy School in New Delhi. With the support of her Indian husband, Carmen was significantly responsible for the construction of the new project centre with premises for all programs of the Hope Project from 2000. With the takeover of the project management by Indian employees in 2001, Carmen Hussain moved to the board of the Hope Project, where she still plays an active role today.