The project has launched a health centre. Every year, more than 10,000 patients receive medical care from an Indian team of doctors.

The staff of the health centre works for the preventive health care for babies and toddlers prominently. Mothers are encouraged to go for regular health check-ups with their children. This ensures that malnourished children are identified and treated at an early stage of the disorder. Affected children receive milk and protein-rich food. Further focal points of the work are tuberculosis, cancer, bowel and eye diseases and anaemia in adolescent girls.

Some specialists such as a paediatrician, an ophthalmologist and a gynaecologist regularly visit our medical centre. In collaboration with the Jamia Milia Islamia, dental care is provided. Cooperation with local organizations smoothens immunization and other preventive measures.

In addition to providing acute treatment, one of the main tasks of the medical centre is spreading awareness and preventive measures. Working in coordination with social workers, the population is sensitized of significant relevant issues such as pregnancy, healthy diet, contraceptive methods, AIDS/HIV and rules of conduct for Covid-19. Lectures, plays and campaigns are organised. In the process, the local public figures and clerics are approached and communicated in order to win them over as mediators and supporters. Through this, the medical staff has succeeded in ensuring that even the stigmatic discussions are no longer a taboo in the predominantly Muslim population.


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